This renowned bank with 4000+ employee strength was looking to implement real time approach for insider trading management. Also, as per the Unpublished Price Sensitive Information (UPSI) requirements, the client needed to maintain the digital database of UPSI sharing. 

After a detailed discussion with the Compliance team, My Insider, our insider trading management platform was found to be the suitable solution. With its role assignment feature, and UPSI sharing functionality, My Insider catered to the precise needs of the client. It also enabled real-time management of insider trading. 

My Insider team was involved from the very beginning, right from the need assessment stage, up to the training and handing over of the software platform. The client’s team acknowledged that the platform was easy to use. It also saved a significant amount of investment in developing an alternate solution. The Compliance team of this large bank has gained the much needed succour in meeting regulatory requirements.